Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

A one-day event where participants conceptualize and create projects that have no value whatsoever. Organized by Sam Lavigne & Amelia Winger-Bearskin.

Poster designed by Ziv Schneider.

Hosted and sponsored by ITP. Also sponsored by Twilio and Wobscale Technologies. Thanks!

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Intellectual Property Policy: The Stupid Hackathon makes no intellectual property claims to the work that Leo Rudberg produces. Anything that Leo Rudberg makes at the Stupid Hackathon is 100% the intellectual property of Leo Rudberg.


Monetizing the glass ceiling Monetizing voter registration Privatizing eyebrows Privatizing criminal justice more Privatizing longing gazes Monetizing natural landscapes Monetizing fear and dread Privatizing reading a book before you go to bed Monetizing the human metabolic process Extracting value from dead bodies Extracting value from barely audible sighs at a dinner party Monetizing Bernie would have won Monetizing teen pregnancy Commodities to End Climate Change The singularity is cuming Design Thinking Teledildonics Potpourri (invent your own)

2017 Projects

Small Talk

Small Talk is a device that allows uers to quickly exit uncomfortable social situations. By Amelia Winger-Bearskin and Sam Lavigne.

Fletcher Bach in no way contributed to this project and was not paid $100 to fabricate it.


@robotpornaddict a machine learning system that watches and attempts to interpret pornography. By Brian Moore.

Beer Selfie Stick

Beer Selfie Stick: pours beer on you while taking a selfie. By Jono Sanders.

Intestine AR

Intestine AR: Analog augmented reality experience that makes everything intestinal. By Laura Juo-Hsin Chen.

Infinite Folders

Infinite Folders creates infinite folders on your computer. By Aarón Montoya-Moraga.

VR Doorbell

A doorbell that allows you to get the attention of someone in virtual reality. By Matt Romein, Sam Sadtler, Yifan Hu and Sean McIntyre.

HTML Marquee De Sade

Experience the work of The Marquis De Sade with the HTML marquee tag. By Seth Kranzler.

Eyeball Pong

Eyeball Pong is pong game played by not looking at it. By Brandon Liu.

Artisanal SnapChat Filter

A real-world macrame SnapChat filter. By Maria Fang.

Magic Nub

Magic Nub is chrome extension that forces you to use a hypersensitive on-screen nub to mouse around, scroll & click. By Chino Kim.


Hypochondriapp diagnoses you with the worst possible disease for whatever symptoms you may be experiencing. By Emily Xie.


Godotify is a facebook messaging app that keeps users waiting forever. By Anastasis Germanidis and Iain Nash.

Yell Hole

A wearable device that allows the user to scream in public. By David Lublin.

Soylent For Women

Soylent For Women is a product idea to target new market share. Pink it, shrink it, and double the price. By Cassie Tarakajian and Ziv Schneider.

Human WIFI Absorber

How many people does it take to absorb a web page? By Melanie Hoff and Dhruv Mehrotra.


saysync is a python script that overdubs videos using the Mac "say" command. By Leon Eckert.

Outcognito Mode

Outcognito Mode is a Chrome extension that publicly tweets every website you visit and everything you type. By Harold Cooper.


Wienchimes: windchimes made out of hot dogs. By Eric Bichan and Andy Lu.

Zen Volt

A meditation aid that shocks you when you don't relax. By Maddie Horowitz, Ben Ely, George Bargoud, Sean Macgahan, and Joe Frasier.

Shitty Sharpie Tattoo Gun

Shitty Sharpie Tattoo Gun allows the user to tattoo themselves using an over-sized belt-driven stationary sharpie tattoo gun. By Zac Bensing.

AugmentAd Reality

AugmentAd Reality monetizes your life with a stylish head-mounted ad delivery device. By Aliza Aufrichtig, Vijith Assar, Rich Harris.

2016 Projects

Soylent Dick

Soylent Dick is a dick made out of soylent that ejaculates soylent. By Nicole He, Katherine Pan, and Chino Kim.

The Glass Matt-nagerie

A bunch of naked 3d-scanned models of Matt Romein in a box.

NonAd Block

NonAd Block is a chrome extension by Miklos Pataky and Carl Jamilkowski that blocks all web content that isn't an ad. Available pending review in the Chrome Store!

Unfriend the Poors

Unfriend the Poors by JB Rubinovitz is a free service that helps you ferret out and then unfriend your poor friends on Facebook.

British Nanny Netflix

British Nanny Netflix by Chris Allick replaces all the voice acting in Netflix with the voice of a highfalutin British nanny. Install it today.

3Cheese Printer

Hightech 3D cheese prints, by Tyler Erdman, Morgan Steward, David Leach, Brian Wu, Andy Doro and Dano Wall.


YOUrinate, by Dylan Fashbaugh, David Sheinkopf and Melanie Hoff is a wearable PPC (Personal Pee Companion) that lets you know when you have to pee.

Bespoke Predictive Policing

Bespoke Predictive Policing allows you to create your very own predictive crime map by uploading pics or through free-hand drawing. By Brian Clifton and David Tracy.


A book with a touch screen so you can read while you're reading. By Tamar Nachmany.

Assistive Pizza Eating Device

Assists in the eating of pizza. By Mike Kelberman and Bess Gaby.

Tums Cake

A cake made of Tums, competing in the "Disrupting Solid Foods" category. By Nick Bratton and Joe Mango.


A virtual reality experience of looking at a fireplace on TV, by Huang Mikei.


Camera app that only takes pictures when the phone is vigorously shaken. By Sam Sadtler.

Songs for the Trumpocalypse

Computationally generated poetry based on Donald Trump quotes, by Ross Goodwin. MAKE POETRY GREAT AGAIN.

Retro Storage

Ultra-low-capacity USB drive, by Craig Pickard.


Manual real-world adblocking by Sher Chew, Ethan Chiel, Adam First and Graham Starr.

Dark Registry

Wedding registries for the Darkweb, by David Huerta and Cameron Cundiff.

Dumb It Down

Dumb It Down by Kira Prentice translates regular text input into a version more suitable for the Buzzfeed generation.

Mansplain It To Me

Mansplain It To Me recreates the experience of asking a question and getting the response from a man who talks to you as though you are a less capable human being. By Cassie Tarakajian and Seth Kranzler.

World Wide Body

World Wide Body is a browser extension that shows you content based on your heart rate. Biofeedback browsing for the future by Hellyn Teng, Francis Tseng and Song Hia.


The worlds first for-prophet incubator for organizations devoted to helping individuals forge communal bonds of unity and oneness in unique spiritual verticals. By Gabe Szabo and Will Newman.

Previous Projects


Holdr by Sam Tarakajian is an iPhone app that tells you if you are currently holding your phone.

iPad On A Face

iPad On A Face by Cheryl Wu is a telepresence robot, except it's a human with an iPad on his or her face.


Kim Kardashian On A Newton

Perhaps a sister project to iPad On A Face, Kim Kardashian On A Newton is photo of Kim Kardashian on an Apple Newton. Apologies for the lack of credits on this one - I can't remember who made it.


Rearview Mirror

Rearview Mirror by Matt Romein and Sam Sadtler is a virtual reality application that shows you what's behind you.

Golden Bitcoin Pasties

3D printed Bitcoin pasties, by Xuedi Chen and Pedro Galvao.

The Emoji Subtitle Creator

The Emoji Subtitle Creator by Ross Goodwin and Seth Kranzler automatically translates normal subtitles into ascii symbols.

How to say Mitt Romney in different languages

How to say Mitt Romney in different languages by Owen Weeks is an interactive tool that teaches the user to say the word "Mitt Romney" in a variety of languages.


Tweet Your Food

Tweet Your Food by Denny George and Matthew Kaney is an important innovation in the sphere of the "quantified self". It's a device that tweets every time you eat a bite of food.


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 3.39.29 PM

Stupid Font

Stupid Font, by Stupid Hackathon veteran Laura Juo-Hsin Chen is a hand tracing of TEFF Lexicon, the most expensive font in the world.



Profanity65 by Nick Doiron adds profanity to encrypted PGP messages.

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 4.40.31 PM

Drone Delivery with Drone Doulas

Drone Delivery with Drone Doulas by Amelia Winger-Bearksin. The future of babies.

Focus Tools

Focus Tools by Brian Clifton is a Chrome extension that replaces all YouTube videos with this gif:

Egg Timer

Egg Timer by Pam Liou is an hourglass that counts down to menopause.


Intellectual Babes Calendar

Intellectual Babes Calendar by Caitlin Weaver is a calendar of re-touched male intellectuals coming soon for the holiday calendar gifting season. The calendar will feature: Slavoj Žizek, Jorge Luis Borges, Roland Barthes (UNTOUCHED), Jean-Paul Sartre, Plato, Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Walt Whitman, AND MANY, MANY MORE.

From the project's creator: "It's hard to care about the Western intellectual tradition when it was created by a bunch of old ugly white dudes. Why would you ever read some decrepit geezer's book? The intellectual babes calendar streamlines and beautifies the men responsible for building the pillars of our culture - maybe not all the way to the point of 8 out of 10 / would fuck, but definitely lifting them out of the 10 below zero / def wouldn't read category."

Here are Italo Calvino (April) and Vladimir Nabokov (February):



Collaborative Fuck Bike

by Ziv Schneider & Laura Juo-Hsin Chen

collaborative fuck bike

E.T. Strapon

by Talya Stein, David Rios & Andrew Cerrito

A strapon that looks like E.T.'s finger - its tip lights up when it touches another strapon.

Raw Meat Circuitry

by Brian Clifton & Kina Smith

Hamburger meat with blinky LEDs in it.

Meat Face

Laser-Cut Excuse Generator

by Kristina Budelis & Sharang Biswas

tinder for babies

Sado-Masochistic Macrame Planter

by Pamela Liou

Using photosynthesis to bring your darkest sexual appetites - like kinbaku, the art of Japanese bondage - to light.

sad-masochistic macrame planter

Trombone Sheet Music Generator

by T.K. Broderick

A practical solution for creating accurate music notation for such a slidey instrument.

Tinder For Babies

by Sam Lavigne

tinder for babies


by Caitlin Weaver

Make money off your smile.

"ok glass, vomit"

by Sam Lavigne

A google glass app that makes the user vomit.

Twerk To Work

by Amelia Winger-Bearskin & Michael Onepo

Energy generated by twerking.

twerk to work

Emojification Engine

by Kyle Petrovich

Watch videos in stunning 161 megapixel Emoji-Vision.

(pics & vids for the following projects coming soon!)

  • 3D printed masks of your own face
  • "Cute Poop": app that makes pictures of your poop look cute
  • Cover Letter Generator
  • Make-Out Hot Potato: an iPhone app where each participant has to make out with the phone and then pass it to the next participant
  • Edible Unmanned Droned: an unmanned drone that you can eat