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Collaborative Fuck Bike

by Ziv Schneider & Laura Juo-Hsin Chen

collaborative fuck bike

E.T. Strapon

by Talya Stein, David Rios & Andrew Cerrito

A strapon that looks like E.T.'s finger - its tip lights up when it touches another strapon.

Raw Meat Circuitry

by Brian Clifton & Kina Smith

Hamburger meat with blinky LEDs in it.

Meat Face

Laser-Cut Excuse Generator

by Kristina Budelis & Sharang Biswas

tinder for babies

Sado-Masochistic Macrame Planter

by Pamela Liou

Using photosynthesis to bring your darkest sexual appetites - like kinbaku, the art of Japanese bondage - to light.

sad-masochistic macrame planter

Trombone Sheet Music Generator

by T.K. Broderick

A practical solution for creating accurate music notation for such a slidey instrument.

Tinder For Babies

by Sam Lavigne

tinder for babies


by Caitlin Weaver

Make money off your smile.

"ok glass, vomit"

by Sam Lavigne

A google glass app that makes the user vomit.

Twerk To Work

by Amelia Winger-Bearskin & Michael Onepo

Energy generated by twerking.

twerk to work

Emojification Engine

by Kyle Petrovich

Watch videos in stunning 161 megapixel Emoji-Vision.

(pics & vids for the following projects coming soon!)

  • 3D printed masks of your own face
  • "Cute Poop": app that makes pictures of your poop look cute
  • Cover Letter Generator
  • Make-Out Hot Potato: an iPhone app where each participant has to make out with the phone and then pass it to the next participant
  • Edible Unmanned Droned: an unmanned drone that you can eat

Organized By:

Sam Lavigne & Amelia Winger-Bearskin.

Poster designed by Ziv Schneider.

Thanks to Grandaisy Bakery for donating pizza! And thanks to ITP for hosting/sponsoring!

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